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Hey there   

Jamie here. 12 years and counting in the creative game. Basically, I work on cool shit with cool people in all kinds of cool capacities (in-house, contract, writers' rooms, Zoom calls, Google hangs, leading the pack, following someone's lead). I came of age as a writer but much like Corporate America itself, job titles are kinda lame AKA reductive straight jackets that don't really represent nor accommodate anyone's full human capacity, professional or otherwise. (Besides, copy and design can never really be divorced. And anyone who thinks so doesn't really get it in my book.) I'd hate for you to end up like the Titanic so mind the tip of the iceberg, folks, but take a good look at the whole shebang—I'm a big picture thinker, fluent in Concept-ese and as creative as they come. Your best bet is to let me run wild and free, like those cage-free hens that bless us with massive speckled eggs that you can get at Whole Foods.


Creative Direction | Editorial Direction | Brand Storytelling | Copy Guidelines | Voice Positioning

Messaging Hierarchy | Photo + Art Direction | Visual Tone Exploration | High-Concept Ideation 

Scripts + Screenplays | Character Development | Dialogue Crafting + Editing | UX Strategy | Information Design  Digital Content Creation | Copy Coaching | Teaching + Mentoring | Creative Leadership


Creative Director, Editorial Director, Screenwriter, TV Writer, Staff Writer,
Punch-up Room Writer, Senior Brand Strategist, (Super Duper) Senior Copywriter, Beauty Editor, Digital Copywriter, Marketing Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Copy Pinch Hitter, Tagline Machine, Creative Collaborator MVP, Innovative Visionary Bad Ass, Creative Problem Solver Extraordinaire, Seriously Talented Motherfucker,Conceptual Mastermind, Pretty Damn Funny, CLUTCH 

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